AXIO: The Clean and Healthy Energy Drink

AXIO is the newest supplement that is taking the fitness and health industry by storm. This energy drink alternative helps to improve brain performance and keeps energy up with all natural ingredients, and without all the added sugar. AXIO is a low calorie beverage that offers many health benefits that many drinks like this don’t

AXIO is created by the supplement company LifeVantage, and they offer many other supplements that can go along with this energy booster. AXIO comes in both regular and decaf and provides the right ingredients to keep users energized throughout the day without the dreaded sugar crash. This drink uses the most pure form of caffeine to ensure a sustained amount of energy, and the decaf option is a little lighter for those who are more sensitive. AXIO comes in two flavors, Dragonfruit and Green Grape, and works best when used in the morning or before a workout.
AXIO has many benefits besides the addition of extra energy for optimal performance. It improves mental endurance, concentration, and memory. It keeps users from feeling stressed or mentally fatigued. It was also help give physical and mental alertness, and can improve a positive mood. This product is great for those who need an extra boost to get them through the day or need some extra motivation to push through a great workout.

AXIO is dervied from all natural ingredients, which makes it low in calories and sugar. The formula is also vegan and doesn’t contain any artificial flavors or sweeteners. AXIO is also free of gluten and GMO’s. This beverage has many active and clean ingredients.

  • B Vitamins- These help to support brain function and reduce fatigue.
  • Magnesium- Works to give you a better metabolism and healthier brain function.
  • Caffeine- Will make you more alert, concentrated, and focused.
  • DMAE- Helps with nervous system function and improves learning.
  • Green Tea Extract- This is a natural source of energy.
  • New Zealand Pine Bark- Helps improve mental health.
  • Suntheanine- Keeps you alert without getting the jitters.
  • Quercetin- An antioxidant that will keep your cells healthy.

AXIO or AXIO Decaf can be used on their own, or can be paired up with many of the other healthy products LifeVantage has. AXIO is the perfect alternative to energy drinks, soda, and even coffee because it will give you the best energy with the best ingredients.

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