Enjoy Shaving Again

Getting a close and moisturized shave can be difficult for some. Many times you can get a close shave, but it won’t be the most moisturizing. On the other hand you may get a moisturizing shave, but it won’t be very close. It can seem almost impossible to get the perfect shave that is both close and moisturizing. Many times the results of your shave come from the products that you are using. There are also certain techniques that you are using that could be hindering the overall results of your shave. Fortunately there are simple everyday products and techniques that you can use on your skin to dramatically improve the results of your shave.

You may have noticed that your skin actually feels dry and rough after you shave. That roughness you feel after you shave could be the result of dry skin that has been brought to the surface of your skin by your razor. If this occurs often you may want to look into buying a wet shave kit. Wet shaving is a little different from what we usually think of when we hear of shaving. When you use wet shaving techniques your face remains wet for the entire process. You often use a glycerin based shaving cream, a single blade razor, and a shaving brush to complete your shave.

This shaving technique often takes a little longer than the more commonly used shaving techniques, but you can see a noticeable difference in the results. Wet shaving provides one of the closest and smoothest shaves that you have ever had. The close shave is a result of the single blade razor that provides a precise and accurate shave. With a closer shave you probably won’t have to shave as often, which is really great for your skin. Wet shaving is also perfect for dry and flaky skin because it helps to moisturize the skin and remove dead skin cells. The shaving brush helps remove that dry and flaky skin when you are using the brush on your face to work up a lather. The brush doesn’t just bring the dead skin up onto the surface of your face, but actually removes it while you shave.

There are some people who shy away from wet shaving because of the price of the razor. The single blade razor is a bit of an investment, but in the long-term the single blade razor is actually less expensive than replacement heads for your cheaper razors. The replacement heads for a single blade razor often cost less than $20 per year. The replacement cartridges for a cheaper razor can cost about $100 per year. The single blade razor is well worth the investment because it pays for itself over time. Wet shaving is a great option for both sensitive and normal skin because you don’t have to apply pressure to the razor to get a close shave. Enjoy your soft, smooth, and moisturized skin with your wet shave kit.

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