Four Ways To Whiten Teeth

Did you know that the most requested dental procedure for cosmetic purposes is teeth whitening? A bright smile is one of the first things people notice when they meet someone new. A person will feel more self-conscious about their smile if they have yellow or stained teeth than for most other reasons. However, there is a large variety of ways from natural home treatments to visiting a dentist for whitening to help your teeth look whiter for a brighter smile.

Baking Soda

A staple in almost everyone’s cabinet, baking soda offers a multitude of uses including teeth whitening. Since baking soda contains a base that is amphitricha it neutralizes the acids produced in the bacteria found in the plaque around teeth. Plaque on teeth absorbs color, coloring your teeth and eats away at tooth enamel and gums leading to gum disease and cavities. Additionally, baking soda is a gentle mild abrasive removes surface stains without scratching tooth enamel. To use baking soda as a teeth whitener simple mix a bit of baking soda with toothpaste until it makes a slightly thick paste, use that paste to brush with rather than just plain toothpaste.


Strawberries contain abundant amounts of vitamin C that help wash away plaque build up on teeth. Additionally, the natural astringents of malic acid that the berries include dissolve surface stains off teeth. To use strawberries to whiten teeth simply start by crushing the berries into pulp. Use a soft toothbrush or a finger to apply the pulp to teeth and let it sit on the teeth for up to five minutes, then rinse with water until all the pulp is removed. After that, merely brush as normal with regular toothpaste.

Whitening Strips or Kits

Store bought kits will whiten teeth within a week, and the price ranges from $20 up to $300. The lower priced kits use mainly peroxide to whiten teeth and can be bought at local drugstores or supermarkets. The majority of whitening kits will use a mold that adjusts to the size your teeth or stripes containing a peroxide gel that is applied directly to the teeth starting right below the gum line. Whitening kits in the higher price range are bought from dentist offices. These kits contain molds that are custom fit to your teeth by the dentist.

Dentist Whitening

A dentistry in Oklahoma City can bleach teeth professionally and have plenty of experience at it. The dentist protects the gums with a gel or rubber guard then uses a molded tray to bleach the teeth. If a person prefers to avoid using a mold, the whitening can be done with a laser. The laser is used to activate chemicals in a gel that is applied to the teeth ahead of time so that it whitens the teeth faster then straightforward bleaching does.

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