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Taking care of hair is serious business. From flat irons, blow driers, sprays, pomades, gels, clips, hair bands and so on, you need them all. However, the quantity and variety of hair products available in the market will awe you. Going through the list of what you ought to buy will take away a lot of your time. The type of hair products you should have on the dressing table or bathroom counter will depend on your hair type, budget and the styles you love.

These are the essential hair products every woman should have:

Hair conditioners

These help to moisturize your hair making it easy to comb and style. The more you are able to detangle hair; you tend to spend less time combing it. This is crucial especially when you have to leave the house in a hurry. A conditioner is to hair what a primer is to a wall that is in need of painting.

Natural hair oil

With the right hair oil, your hair ends remain polished and cannot frizz easily. It also gives hair a good shine. Shop around and look for hair oil that has been made from natural ingredients. You should also confirm that the oil is capable of keeping your hair moist for the better part of the day.

Blow drier

Invest in a blow drier that is of a good quality. Having such a product at home cuts down the time you spend drying hair. Features to look for include price, weight and quietness. You do not want an appliance that makes your bathroom sound like a workshop when the blow dryer is in use. Also inquire about its power consumption abilities.


The work of a shampoo is to cleanse your hair by removing oil traces and dirt. When buying shampoo, choose one that works with the type of hair you have. For instance, mild shampoo is ideal for dry hair. For normal hair, an appropriate shampoo will do but remember to apply conditioner on the hair ends. Identify your hair type first before shopping for the appropriate shampoo.


This comes in handy when styling hair. Hair sprays help make your hair look voluminous. They also make frizzled hair settle down. When applying spray, you should do so in a systematic manner. Start from the back of your head; spray the sides before finishing with the top of your head.

Curling irons

In your beauty arsenal, make sure you have both flat and curling irons. Both types work on any hair type. Curling irons give your hair more volume especially if it is flat. They also give wavy hair a good structure. On the other hand, a flat iron flattens your hair and tames the curls.

You can get these products from Devachansalon and enjoy $1 shipping on all salon products.

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