Health Drinks And Their Benefits

Some health drinks are really hard to stomach. Just because you’re trying to become healthier doesn’t mean you should tell your tastes buds goodbye. You may even stop and ask yourself “Do I really need to have healthy drinks?” Before you answer that question here are some benefits of healthy drinks. Xango Utah also has some great healthy benefits.

-Water: You can never go wrong with water. Water keeps your tissue, bones, blood and brain moist and hydrated. Gets rid of waste through perspiration, urination and defecation, also helps your kidneys and liver push waste out too. It also aids in digestion as it helps break down foods in the stomach. The recommended water in-take is 8 glasses a day. Some people have a hard time drinking water because of how bland it is. Spruce up your water with adding slices of your favorite fruit and vegetables.

-Green tea: can’t go wrong with green tea. It’s calorie-free, an antioxidant, and has many health benefits: reduces many types of cancer, kidney stones, and cavities. There are many varieties which you can enjoy hot or cold.

-Hot chocolate: Everyone loves chocolate, especially women. Drinking hot chocolate is high in antioxidants which prevent heart disease, cancer, and reduces levels of stress hormones. Commercial hot cocoa mixes have a lot of artificial flavors so try making your cocoa from scratch.

-Vegetable juice: Making your own vegetable juice from home in a juicer is the best way to go for a low calorie drink. Canned vegetable juices are very high in sodium, but you still get the great benefits and vitamins from vegetables.

-1% Reduced Fat Milk: Not only does milk help prevent osteoporosis it also curbs ones appetite. It’s high in protein, calcium, carbohydrates and vitamin D. It also has proven to keep your body from storing too much fat.

-Soy: Lactose intolerant people go the soy route which includes different flavors like almond and vanilla. It’s been proven that soy drinkers have greater benefits than those who drink milk because soy may reduce your risk for heart disease and osteoporosis. Also is a great substitute for milk because it still provides vitamin D and calcium.

-Cranberry Juice: Did you know cranberry juice was great for your teeth? It has been proven that it can prevent urinary tract infections, but now recent studies have shown it prevents periodontal gum disease. Cranberry juice is high in sugar so it’s best only to drink 8 ounces a day.

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