Most Popular Workout Music from the Last Decade

Athletes know it, and scientific studies have shown it – listening to music during exercise can improve results by providing motivation to work harder as well as distraction from fatigue and self-doubt. The last decade has offered a particularly rich source of energizing and inspirational musical fuel, with many songs becoming iconic themes associated with sports, adventure, and the thrilling satisfaction of overcoming a vigorous challenge. A number of these songs, along with other renowned tracks, have been selected for their unique reputation of evoking the spirit of determination and championship through heart-pumping and uplifting rhythms, melodies, and lyrics. These are the top 10 workout songs of the 2000s.

10. Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger – Daft Punk (2001)

Not only has this Grammy Award-winning dance track become a hit at clubs worldwide, its titular refrain has become an exercise mantra in popular culture. It’s driving chant of “Harder, better, faster, stronger…” against a pulsing rhythm serves as a fitting motivator and antidote against limiting thoughts.

9.300 Violin Orchestra – Jorge Quintero (2008)

Part symphony, part hip-hop, the heart-pumping rhythm and melody of this instrumental track has the right ingredients to propel the listener’s momentum forward.

8. List of Demands – Saul Williams (2004)

Featured on a 2008 Nike Sparq Training commercial as well as the basketball video game NBA 2K10, this song’s aggressive sound and provocative lyrics dare the listener to rise to demanding occasions and “be somebody.”

7. Lux Aeterna – Clint Mansell (2000)

Used extensively in trailers and other media for its ability to provide an epic feel, this instrumental theme from the film Requiem for a Dream tells a story of struggle and determination purely through its riveting sound.

6. The Contender Theme – Hans Zimmer (2004)

Used as a theme song for reality television show about boxing, as well as in the Pirates of the Carribean films, this instrumental evokes the courageous spirit of both athleticism and adventurism.

5. He’s a Pirate – Hans Zimmer and Klaus Badelt (2003)

Another iconic Zimmer and pop culture hit, this theme from the Pirates of the Carribean films is a fast-paced call to pursue adventure in the face of challenges.

4. Heart of a Champion – Nelly (2004)

Based on the iconic “Roundball Rock” theme used in NBC’s coverage of NBA games, this inspirational rap song is played frequently at sporting events and tells of the drive and will to succeed that is needed to become a winner.

3. ‘Till I Collapse – Eminem (2002)

Popularly cited in fitness and other blogs as a motivating workout song, this hit from the Grammy-nominated album “The Eminem Show” raps about a determination to persist despite the temptation to give up.

2. Rise From the Ashes – Quietdrive (2006)

Featured in the hockey video game NHL 07, this heart-pumping rock song embodies the spirit of rising above defeat.

1. Remember the Name – Fort Minor (2005)

A hip-hop song about willpower, effort, and becoming worthy of recognition, this inspiring anthem has been used heavily in the media and has become a staple at a vast number of sports events.

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