Tips for Dealing With Sore Muscles

Muscles can become sore for a plethora or reasons though the rain issue is always that a muscle has been used to the point of some breakage which is requiring some repair, hence the pain. This is actually a good thing. It means muscle is giving you more strength and increasing your metabolism. However, there are ways to deal with that soreness so that you can still live your life.


Rest Your Muscles: Rest is necessary for your body to undergo the self reparation that is necessary for that soreness to go away. Sleep is the best for of rest and recuperation but just resting your muscles in general can help. Do not undergo another strenuous workout for a few days. Keep the next 1 to 2 days restful with short walks or easy yoga poses in order to keep your body moving without overworking already strained muscles.


Massage Muscles: Massaging your muscles, either on your own or having someone else do it, will allow your muscles to calm down and become looser. Doing this after a hard workout can reduce your chances for muscles spasms and minimize pain.


Hot and Cold Therapy: Hot and cold therapy has been around for a while and reduces stiffness and soreness in muscles after a strenuous workout. The instructions are simple enough: hold an ice pack whichever muscle is sore for about 15 minutes and then switch to applying heat for the same amount of time. Repeat alternating cold and hot until your soreness is reduces. Bull Frog Spas hot tubs and spas are a great way to sit in hot water for varying lengths of time.


Use Water: Water is a great muscle relaxer and you should take advantage of that when dealing with soreness and stiffness in your own muscles. Taking a hot bath can be extremely calming and reaches your whole body. Adding a bit of baking soda can be helpful. Once in the bath you can relax and gently stretch your muscles under the water or massage the muscles. You can also take a hot shower. During your shower you can also stretch your muscles very carefully. Do not overstretch. Stretching can also cause sprains.


Over the Counter Drugs: Using an over the counter medication with anti-inflammatory properties, such as Ibuprofen, can assist in decreasing the soreness and stiffness. There is nothing wrong with using over the counter medicine to deal with your pain so long as you use it sparingly.


It is also important to work toward preventing sore muscle to the best of your ability before and during a workout. Make sure you do a proper warm up pre-workout, and make sure you drink plenty of water before, during, an after your workout, don’t workout on an empty stomach and make sure to take in lots of lean proteins and whole grains after a workout to feed the muscles the nutrients necessary for them to properly repair.

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