Tips For Getting A Better Smile

People are drawn to happy people. Happy people love to smile. But some of those smiles aren’t as eye catching as others. Do you want a smile that others can be drawn to? Do you want to be able to portray your happiness through your photos?

Tip #1: As Aristotle stated: “Happiness depends on ourselves.”

When you find the peace and joy within ourselves happiness is easier to find. Be happy with the choices you’ve made, even if they are the wrong ones because they are reasons why we make the choices we do. Go throughout life seeking and focusing on the positive rather than the negative. When we do focus on the positive our entire attitude about life and others is happy.

Tip #2: Watch what you eat and exercise. Having bad eating habits can affect our happiness. If you eat unhealthy the less energy you have and it increases the chances of getting sick. By sticking to and balancing out the four main food groups you can gain energy to become more active. Exercise, sex or certain foods produces endorphins within your body which suppresses pain and controls emotions.

Tip #3: Visit your doctor. Making routinely appointments to see your physician and dentist  can help prevent or cure any current health problems. Some health issues are easily overlooked or go undetected which can affect your quality of life. Depression is often not taken care of properly and consulting with your doctor, getting on the right medications can improve your understanding about the sickness.

Tip #4: Laugh often – E.E. Cummings said “The most wasted of all days is one without laughter.” Whether the laughter comes from being tickled or from a ridiculous joke it is something all of us do. Laughing is a sign of happiness and it comes with a smile. Go ahead try laughing without smiling – see it can’t be done. Have you gone a day without laughing? If you have your quality of life may not be where it should be or the way you like it. Laughter is often infectious, inspiring, connects you to others and is a stress reliever.

Tip #5: Practice – everyone knows that practice makes perfect because not everyone has the natural skill to have a great smile. Standing in front of a mirror or taking your own picture can help you put your best smile into play. Do you look better when you smile with or without your teeth showing? When you’re able to figure out what your best smile is it helps boost your confidence and will engage others in social atmospheres.

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