Tips For Getting Out And Enjoying Summer Activities

Tips For Getting Out And Enjoying Summer Activities

With summer rapidly approaching you need to start planning your list of things to do with concerts in Vail. Vail, Colorado is where all of the fun is at this year. With beautiful mountain ranges and fun things to do this resort town is the number one vacation spot in 2012. Here is a list of fun things to do this year.


Start out on a different path each day through the wonders of the area. The stark beauty of the mountains and plains and trees are gorgeous to behold. Take a picnic and get a fresh breath of mountain air. There is nowhere else with this good of oxygen. Keep clean and feel it seep into your pores on a long hike.

Trail Running

Bike or run the trails to get the exercise you need daily. Pick a new route each day for some fresh perspective and new experience. Take a friend and run in the peace and quiet of nature.


Find the best concerts in Vail to listen to music in the warm summer breeze. Live tunes will catch your ears and make you feel like a native of the land from so long ago. Live it up with friends and family. There is nothing better than good music with the right company. Enjoy in the local eateries afterward for the best of times.


There are so many winding rivers and valleys in the state of Colorado. Go for a swim and catch a few trout this year. Try out your new hooks and lines and ask the locals for the best place to catch some grub. Impress your family by bringing home dinner from the rivers that team with fish.


Hit the green in style on one of this city’s prime courses. Spend some time with kids or friends while relaxing the muscles and renewing yourself. Some good tee time will get you in the mood to listen to your favorite music and take your spouse out tonight. Celebrate the perfect summer weather out on the course.

Spa Treatments

On those days that you are feeling especially lazy, kick up your feet to indulge your whimsy. Read a good book and spend the day at the spa. Vail is actually known for its beautiful, refreshing spas. Consider a seaweed treatment or mud bath to open up the pores and clean out your system. This summer could be the ultimate time to relax and build up luxury hours before school starts again. Make sure to get the most out of your season at the spa.

Try out visiting the Hot Summer Nights concert series and these other activities for the best summer you have had in a while.

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