What is Mangosteen

Mangosteen fruit has recently gained buzz due to its proposed anti-oxidant properties. As a result, the fruit is harvested from Southeast Asia, its native home, and offered to health-conscious consumers as a juice or puree. Additionally, in the United States, consumers can purchase a supplement containing this fruit. It is similar in shape and size to the pear and features a thin and smooth rind with a deep, fleshy core.

This fruit is native to Southeast Asian countries that include: China, Malaysia and Taiwan. However, as it grows in popularity many people are trying to cultivate it in the United States in order to cash in on the medical benefits it may have. However, due to improper soil the efforts have not been very successful.

Mangosteen benefits you will see.There are four major benefits that Mangosteen fruit possesses:

  1. Relief of inflammation: The fruit contains xanthones which provide the body with anti-inflammatory benefits. The fruit hulls are where these beneficial elements reside. With continued use the fruit can provide help with arthritis pain, as well as wound healing capabilities.
  2. Ability to fight certain types of bacteria: The xanthones which are found in the Mangosteen fruit are also efficient in fighting certain types of bacterial infections and diseases. While it has been proven effective for fighting hepatitis in vitro, it is not effective against oral diseases such as gingivitis.
  3. Ability to treat certain infections: Some studies have shown it offers antifungal behaviors that can fight certain infections caused by viruses.
  4. Benefits those who suffer cancer: Although there has been no scientific studies on the effects of Mangosteen on humans, when tested in laboratories on animals, there has been a reduced occurrence of cancer cells.

Warnings and Considerations

Although this fruit has become extremely popular in the US for its anti-oxidant properties, there is not much scientific evidence to support these claims. Also, due to the fact that Mangosteen is high in sugar it may cause spikes in blood glucose, which could be dangerous if you suffer from diabetes or hypoglycemia.

With so many fad and trend nutritional products saturating the market today it is oftentimes a challenge to determine which offers actual health benefits and which do not. If you decide to utilize the benefits that Mangosteen has to offer, you should consult with your healthcare provider first. Many times if you suffer from other medical problems or issues, you should avoid certain foods. They will be able to give you accurate and helpful information for your specific situation and help you determine if the tropical Mangosteen fruit can be beneficial to you. In many cases it can help promote a healthier life, free from arthritis pain and with healing properties.

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