What Is The Process Of A Face Lift?

In case you are worried about the signs of aging showing up on your face, you can consider face lift surgery as a remedy. Face lift surgery (rhytidectomy) plays a crucial role in reducing various signs of aging on the face and neck such as deep creases on your nose extending all the way to the corners of your mouth, deep creases beneath your lower eyelids and sagging mid-face.

Face lift surgery is also useful in correcting loss of muscle tone on the lower face, loose skin under the jaw, excess fatty deposits and creating jowls to give a younger look to a person. Most of the people who opt for face lift are in the age group of 40-60. But they are not the only ones to opt for this surgery as many young people also prefer to go under the knife these days. If you are interested in removing few years from your age, you should consider face lift surgery. It’s best to consult a good plastic surgeon to know your options. Surgeon will also tell whether your expectations are realistic or not.

What are the choices in face lift surgical procedure?

Mostly, facelift is performed along with other surgical procedures, such as brow or chin lift for correcting sagging or deeply furrowed brow. This surgery is also performed with eyelid surgical procedures to give life to the aging eyes. Surgeons also use dermal fillers in some facial areas. All these are just restorative procedures that do not change the fundamental appearance of an individual. Aside from that, these procedures cannot stop the process of aging.

Most of the facelift procedures are performed surgically and are satisfying for most of the patients. The youthful appearance you achieve through these procedures can last up to 8-10 years. This surgery can be performed in any well equipped outpatient surgical center or physician’s office. There is minimal pain or discomfort after the surgery and dressings are removed after 4-5 days and you can resume normal activities.

During your discussions with your chosen plastic surgeon, you should disclose if you had earlier surgeries. Also, explain why you are interested in this surgery. Be ready to discuss drug allergies, medical treatments and your medical conditions. You should also disclose all information about the usage of herbal supplements, current medications, tobacco, vitamins, alcohol and drugs. Don’t make the decision to get face lift lightly. As with other surgeries, there are risks in facelift surgery. You can minimize these risks by getting all information beforehand and by following the doctor’s instructions.

You should choose a reputable, skilled and licensed surgeon whom you can trust. You can also check the credentials with American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and American Board of Plastic Surgeons. You can also seek references from your primary doctor or friends.

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